Our Mission

The Association for Muslim Professional Development of UC-Berkeley is a student organization dedicated to preparing Muslim students for careers in industry; through networking, information workshops, and personalized coaching; attempting to facilitate awareness and access to professional internships and vocations. These include, but are not limited to the professional arenas of finance, medicine, engineering, consulting, sales and marketing, research, law and academics. We are open to ALL majors looking to prepare themselves for the job market.

Building Networks

Our alumni have had the opportunity to employ the skills they developed through the AMPD in their careers within the corporate and non-corporate world. Our alumni constantly give back to the organization, acting as mentors, staffing our advisory board, and leading many of our training sessions. Our members have an opportunity to develop a network of professionals in their field of choice.

AMPD was previously known as MBSA, the Muslim Business Students' Association. (est. 2005)